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Hey Jude
Video, Film and HDTV Production in San Francisco and Cincinnati. Features the work of Rob Van Praag, lighting cameraman, and winner of the Peabody Award. Oh, and I bought my 1991 Cabriolet from him.

United States Landing Craft Infantry National Association
These guys delivered soldiers and marines to the fight in WWII. Landing Craft Infantry travelled the last 1000 yards to the beach...when the battleships couldn't protect them. My dad served on LCI 489 at Omaha Beach. They're a special breed.

Sun Tunnel Skylights
Complete roof-to-ceiling skylight system that installs in only two hours. I wrote the copy. The design was by

I'm only a small part of this team. If you're an actor you have to be on this site.

CalPac Roofing and Windows
Silicon Valley and East Bay Roofing and Window Contractors. CalPac offers a high-quality assortment of roofing and window systems for any kind of home.
John's a great actor and a long-time friend. He's also a licensed marriage and family therapist, aikido instructor, and Regenesis practicioner. Regenisis is like accupressure, but different. Let me tell you, it works!

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